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Bigger events require bigger plans which require bigger staffing and cigar servers make the perfect complement to a cigar roller demonstration performance.

The aesthetic of having a cigar server walk the area of the event to serve your guests cigars is not only accommodating but pleasant to look at. The feature is also a practical one as guests area approached and receive a cigar rather than having to seek out where the cigar roller is and at large events with 500 or more guests, a cigar server is appreciated and moves the party along nicely.

The cigar servers are cigar knowledgeable about the cigars they are serving and come with trays as well as cigar menus to fully describe the cigars that guess we'll be smoking.

The cigar servers with their cigar trays give a classic feeling to the ambiance of the event and work especially well with outdoor venues.
Custom cigar bands are the finishing touch as the cigars your guests receive can have custom artwork that we design for you which reminds everyone attending who threw the party.
Three of the Cigar Servers for Southern California
Cigar Servers and Cigar Rollers are always dressed for upscale events anywhere in California that brings an upscale flair to your event
Cigar roller rolling cigars
Cigar roller hands close up with tabla
Cigar trays to serve imported premium cigars with your custom cigar bands attached to all
Cigar server smoking cigar
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