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Cigar Roller Events Los Angeles and So Cal, Large Guest Lists a specialty, Corporate and Golf a specialty by Cigar Catering®

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Cigar Roller performances in Southern California and L.A. Events from CF Dominicana - Cigar rollers are just part of the features offered from CF Dominican's Cigar Catering®. Los Angeles was one of the first of eight cities that launched the brand with this featured service. Cigar rollers are not hired by CF merely because they can roll cigars but rather, they are hired because of their interaction and great people. skills in their presentation.

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Cigars supplied by the rollers are all imported from the Dominican Republic and these are the same cigars that are sold in stores. The cigars rolled at your event for your guests are imported unfinished so that your cigar roller can demonstrate how the final step to finishing the cigar is done, the wrapper leaf. This cigar feature is something your guests will remember and makes the night extra special.

Whatever cigar feature you choose, be it a cigar roller, cigar server, custom cigar bands or a custom order which are cigars without a roller, are brought together to bring exposure to the CF Dominicana brand of cigars which creates new followers of the brand with every event.

You can be confident that the cigars you are giving to your guests are those that they smoke in their everyday lifestyle. Contact us to give us the date location and type of the vent that you have and we will have a quote ready for you in 30 minutes. We look forward to hearing from you, Enjoy.

Cigar rollers all wear authentic guayabera shirts with hats for a great visual at wedding receptions golf and trade show conventions.

NOTE: CF Dominicana Cigar Roller Events in California use only imported cigars from the Dominican Republic. Cigars rolled at your event are completed by your roller in real time. No cigars are made in California.

Cigar roller events are not limited to L.A. and available throughout Southern California.

Los Angeles CIGAR ROLLER INQUIRIES Mon - Thurs 9am - 4pm, *Note: phones may be closed Fri - Sun for scheduled cigar roller events. You will be given the direct cell phone of your area manager for real-time contact during these hours.

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