About CF Cigars

The cigars used for the Los Angeles area events are the same cigars that we sell in stores, CF Dominicana premium brand cigars.

The tobacco is all imported from the Dominican Republic with none of the cigars made in anywhere in the United States, much less Los Angeles.


The cigars are presented at all of our events and are at least a 50 ring gauge. This size is popular,  preferred and works best with the custom cigar bands attached that we designed for you.

Your cigar roller will roll cigars that are started in the Dominican republic then imported into the United States unfinished. Your cigar roller well add the wrapper leaf which is true Connecticut Shade, while your guests watch on and enjoy the experience. This process ensures that your guests' cigar is of excellent construction without any compromising. No cigar should ever be rolled from scratch, especially at an event as the filler tobacco needs to be properly compressed in a mold so that the construction of the cigar is tight, even and firm. A tightly packed cigar is a sign of premium quality which also creates a long ash which is the most obvious sign of a premium brand, hand-rolled, imported cigar..

Custom orders are done quite frequently so please feel free to inquire about purchasing a box or enjoy a four pack sampler. The Soho cigar is most recommended it is a Robusto 5.5 x 50r with a mild to medium bodied taste. Weddings are a perfect match as these cigars will burn for about 30 minutes so guests can enjoy the cigars while not overwhelming the reception.


SoHo - Cigar Recommended for Wedding Reception

St.Marks - Bolder cigar for shorter events

Tribeca - Great cigar for Golf, smoking time about 1 hr

Chelsea - Also great cigar for the Course, medium to bold

5th Avenue - cigar for a formal affair

the Bull - a cigar with alot of flavor
*Models shown are our most popular, all sizes are available - we are the manufacturer.

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